N and C with manta

Nick and Cheryl with a giant manta off Socorro


Nick Drone
Nick and friends launch the drone near Weda, Indonesia

Our passion for biodiversity conservation and wilderness preservation are underlying values that shape all of our films.  We strive to bring awareness to these issues and inspire people to act to as better stewards of our planet.

We began filming underwater after diving for over 25 years, and our first films captured images of the rare and unusual creatures living beneath the surface of the ocean.  Our films have been recognized and won awards at many film festivals, including the Blue Oceans Film Festival (2015), the American Conservation Film Festival (2015), Beneath the Sea (2016), and the Ocean Geographic Society (2016).

Our current projects are focused on the stories of people whose lives intersect with the seas or their corner of the world’s wild places and who are working to protect the health of our natural world.

We are both active board members of the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition (Cheryl H. Dean is the current President) and the San Diego Underwater Photographic Society (Nick Dean is the past President).