Beneath Wallace's Line

The “Wallacea” series of films highlight the breadth of biodiversity found in and around Wallacea and the coral triangle.  These habitats are increasingly under threat, and the films describe the efforts of a few individuals who are working to help protect ecosystems both below and above the water.  Life on Wallace’s Line is the full-length version (20 mins), Beneath Wallace’s Line (15 mins) emphasizes marine life, and What Would Wallace Think? (5 mins)  shows some of the spectacular animals living in the Coral Triangle.


Beneath Wallace's Line

Blue Ocean Film Festival, Monaco (2015) Honorable Mention “Emerging Filmmaker”

Blue Ocean Film Festival, Monaco (2015) Honorable Mention “Shorts”

19th International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade (2015) Official Selection

45th Festival Mondial De L’Image Sous-Marine, Marseille (2015) Official Selection

International Festival of Diving Films, Slovakia (2015) Official Selection

8th International Underwater Film festival “Walking Beneath the Sea”, Slovenia (2016) Official Selection

San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival (2016) Official Selection

ITSA Shorts “Back to Nature” Film Festival, Groveland, CA (2016) Official Selection

Clarke University Environmental Film Series, (2016) First Place

EarthPort Film Festival (2016) Official Selection

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (2016) Official Selection

Ocean Geographic Society (2016) First Place: Howard Hall Award for Outstanding Achievement

Maui Film Festival (2016) Official Selection

CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival (2016) Official Selection

Wildlife Vaasa Festival, Finland (2016) Official Selection

Thunder Bay International Film Festival (2017) Official Selection

Life on Wallace's Line

American Conservation Film Festival, West Virginia (2015), Official Selection

Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia (2015) Official Selection

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival New York (2015) Official Selection

Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival (2015) Official Selection

Eco Film Festival, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (2015) Top Finalist “Best Short Documentary/TV Documentary”

Friday Harbor Film Festival, San Juan, WA (2016) Official Selection.

What Would Wallace Think?

16th Annual San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition (2015) Official Selection

2016 Beneath the Sea – Best in Show: The Stan Waterman Award for Excellence in Underwater Videography

Our World Underwater/ World Wide Travelling/Chicago (2016) Gold Winner

CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival (2016) “Winner Best Underwater Film”

Turquoise Bay Film Festival (2016) Finalist