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Interview With the Filmmakers:


Mark Fletcher (Editor & Writer):

Mark has been a wildlife film editor and writer for over 25 years, working with many leading wildlife filmmakers, as well as making his own films. Films he has produced, edited or written have won well over 20 Emmys, and many other awards. Mark also co-produced this film.


Sir Jonathan Pryce (Narration):

Jonathan is an award winning actor whose career spans almost 50 years. He has won multiple Olivier and Tony awards as well as receiving nominations for British Academy Film, Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy awards .


Barnaby Taylor (Composer):

Barnaby Taylor is an Emmy-award winning film and TV composer whose recent projects include The Line (Marble Films/BBC) and A Song for Love: An Ape with an App (Terra Mater), which was nominated for Best Music at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2020. 


Howard Hall Productions (Additional Photography):

Howard Hall Productions is a natural history film production company specializing in marine wildlife and marine conservation films for television and large format theater.  The company is owned and operated by Howard and Michele Hall.

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