The Secret Whales

Our current project "The Secret Whales" tells how the Soviet Union committed what has been described as the greatest environmental crime of the 20th Century - the illegal slaughter of hundreds of thousands of whales. Perpetrated on the high seas at the direction of the highest level of the Soviet government and covered up using KGB-created secret communication codes (to avoid detection by whaling authorities), this Cold War atrocity has only been known by a few insiders—until now. Through never-before-seen troves of archival footage, hidden documents and personal records kept by Soviet scientists, and first-hand oral histories, The Secret Whales shines a light on this campaign of ruthlessly efficient killing for the first time. All the more shocking, during the investigation into the scope and scale of this slaughter, scientists uncovered that the Soviet Union was not acting alone. Japan also engaged in illegal whale poaching, and today, despite widespread international criticism, Japan has resumed commerical whaling. The campaign to “Save the Whales” has never been more important.
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