19 minutes

One of the areas of the world with the widest range of endemic biodiversity remains virtually unknown to many people. Known as Wallacea, it is located in the coral triangle within the Pacific ring of fire, and is home to many unique species both above and below the water. One hundred and fifty years ago, this area was explored by the British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, for which it is named. Based on his experiences throughout the Indonesian archipelago, Wallace independently proposed the theory of natural selection and evolution.

During his eight years in these islands, he identified many new species for the first time. Much of the habitat Wallace explored and the oceans surrounding these areas is increasingly under threat of destruction. This film, which is a slightly shorter version of “Life on Wallace’s Line” highlights the biodiversity found in the oceans of Wallacea and the efforts of a few individuals to protect these fragile ecosystems.

Available with French sub-titles


Screening at the following film festivals:


Blue Ocean Film Festival, Monaco (2015) Honorable Mention “Emerging Filmmaker”



Blue Ocean Film Festival, Monaco (2015) Honorable Mention “Shorts”



19th International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade (2015) Official Selection



45th Festival Mondial De L’Image Sous-Marine, Marseille (2015) Official Selection



International Festival of Diving Films, Slovakia (2015) Official Selection



8th International Underwater Film festival “Walking Beneath the Sea”, Slovenia (2016) Official Selection



San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival (2016) Official Selection



ITSA Shorts “Back to Nature” Film Festival, Groveland, CA (2016) Official Selection



Clarke University Environmental Film Series, (2016) First Place.



EarthPort Film Festival (2016) Official Selection



Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (2016) Official Selection



Ocean Geographic Society (2016) First Place: Howard Hall Award for Outstanding Achievement