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 Nick and our Russian fixer and interpreter, Igor Beliatski, interviewing former Soviet whaling scientist Yuri Mikhalev on a bitterly cold Russian morning.


Nadine Bott who runs the Cook Strait whale census along with her colleagues, the former New Zealand whalers of the Perano crew.

NOAA scientists and husband and wife team Phil Clapham and Yulia Ivaschenko. Phil and Yulia were instrumental in calculating the magnitude of the illegal whaling. 


Former Soviet whaling scientist Dmitri Tormosov showing Yulia the original whale records that he hid for 30 years in his potato cellar.

Alexey Yablokov was central to the public disclosure of decades of Soviet illegal whaling. He was an advocate for truth, transparency, and the environment.


NOAA scientist Bob Brownell was friends with Yablokov for almost 50 years and helped him bring the issue of illegal whaling to the attention of the international community.

Every day filming whales is a good day, but some are just better than others. Nick and Cheryl filming Southern right whales in Peninsula Valdes.

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Photo: Hector Casin

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